Chris Leoden is a new york city artist. Born and raised in The Bronx. His childhood days were spent in his Dad’s Record shop on 174th street and Boston Road. In the shop Chris developed an ear and fell in love with music. He helped his dad run the business for a while then later moved to Washington Heights where he learned the streets as a young man.

“The Heights just had a completely different feel to it. whole different world. Fast. Style was more important. Having the right connects, getting your money up was way more important. It was essentially like a free apprenticeship on, how to be a boss really .. well, kinda.. ain’t nothing free..that being said i love the bronx, i am grateful to her, wouldn’t wanna be from anywhere else..”

While hustling and grinding in the heights, He made a name for himself as an underground rapper, CyanaR, (curb your average notions armageddon’s real) – “..a reminder to myself to rap like it’s the end”

He put out various mixtapes and collaborated with local artists.
Soon his love for music would demand more from him than just rapping though. While he reveres hip hop, Chris wanted to become a more well rounded musician. While staying in touch with his rap roots, he wanted to play instruments, sing, mix and produce. He bought himself an acoustic guitar, said goodbye to The Heights and decided to travel the country while fine tuning the craft. He lived in New Orleans, Miami, Virginia Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa.

Now Chris is back home and ready to drop his debut album titled, DON’T MENTION IT

Stay Tuned!